Women's Studies (WS)


WS A200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 3 Credits

Introduces students to the fundamental concepts and themes in the interdisciplinary study of women and gender. Course focuses on understanding institutions, social and political practices, and cultural representations that shape women's lives in both the developed and developing worlds as well as examining the role that gender plays in society.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

WS A355 Women in Politics 3 Credits

Examines the roles of women in the political world from local, state, national and international perspectives. The nature of women's political roles will be studied from both historical and contemporary perspectives.
Crosslisted With: PS A355

Prerequisites: PS A101 or PS A102 or WS A200.

WS A400 Feminist Theory 3 Credits

Interdisciplinary examination of historical and contemporary feminist and gender theories.

Prerequisites: WS A200.

WS A401 Seminar in Women's Studies 3 Credits

Discusses issues related to women's studies. Content varies every semester.
Special Note: WS A401 may be repeated once for credit with a change of subtitle.

Prerequisites: WS A200.

WS A495 Internship in Women's Studies 3 Credits

An opportunity for students to apply the subject matter of women's studies to the practical life of the community.
Special Note: Internships vary; may be repeated once for credit with a different internship.

Prerequisites: WS A200.