Applied Environmental Science and Technology

Engineering Building (ENGR), Room 201, (907) 786-1900

The graduate program in applied environmental science and technology (AEST) is designed for students seeking careers as environmental professionals in the academic, regulatory, industrial, military or consulting sectors. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and encourages candidates to develop an understanding of environmental principles through advanced studies across biology, chemistry, geology, statistics, applied environmental science and technology, and environmental engineering.

This program offers two degree options and one graduate certificate option.

Applied Environmental Science and Technology (AEST) Degrees

The AEST master’s degrees are designed for those students who wish to pursue specialized advanced study and original research. AEST is an excellent preparation for both the practicing professional and the future doctoral student.

Program Objectives

The objective of the AEST programs are to produce graduates who:

  • Have an advanced technical knowledge of environmentally related disciplines within the life sciences, physical sciences, geosciences, mathematics and environmental engineering;
  • Are capable of integrating advanced technical information from different science and engineering disciplines;
  • Are capable of conceiving and conducting a research project (MS-AEST option only); and
  • Are capable of working in a professional environment.


Alice Bullington, Assistant Professor,
Aaron Dotson, Assistant Professor,
Rob Lang, Professor,
John Olofsson, Professor,
Robert Reges, Adjunct Faculty,