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CHEM A105L General Chemistry I Laboratory 1 Credit

Introductory chemistry laboratory course with experiments designed to introduce students to the basics of laboratory equipment, data collection, data analysis and reporting; and to illustrate, augment and apply concepts covered in CHEM A105.
Special Note: Students who do not meet the prerequisites for this course may be administratively dropped at the discretion of the faculty. Attendance is mandatory for all chemistry laboratory courses the first week of class. Unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor, any student who does not attend the first scheduled meeting for this lab may be administratively dropped and a student on a waiting list will be added in their place. Any fees resulting from either of these drop procedures or any late registration procedure will be the responsibility of the student.

Prerequisites: CHEM A105 with a minimum grade of C or concurrent enrollment.

Attributes: UAA Natural Sci Lab Only GER.