Environment and Society

Beatrice McDonald Hall (BMH), Room 231, (907) 786-1665

The B.S. in Environment and Society is designed to prepare Alaskans and others for careers in environmental assessment, planning, policy, conservation, education and advocacy, as well as further graduate studies.

Students are exposed to a range of interdisciplinary studies, but the program focuses on giving students the key methods, tools and knowledge they will need to engage as professionals in order to make informed decisions about environmental issues and  guide the responsible development of our natural resources in the State of Alaska and beyond.

Students follow a course of study that introduces them to environmental sciences and studies, economics, and ethics. Students study field methods in the discipline, geographic information systems, conservation biology, civic engagement and public science writing. Students are also required to complete two professional development courses, an internship, and a capstone course in environmental assessment and planning.

In addition, all students must complete one concentration outside of the field that gives them a specialization beyond professional training in environmental studies. Concentrations include one in the biological sciences, which focuses on ecosystems and ecology; one in geological sciences, focused on environmental geology; a social science concentration, drawing on courses in anthropology and sociology; and spatial concentration, which allows students to build advanced skills in geographic information systems.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science



Geography and Environmental Studies Faculty

Shannon Donovan, Associate Professor, smdonovan@alaska.edu
Audrey Taylor, Assistant Professor, artaylor@alaska.edu
Dorn Van Dommelen, Professor, dvandommelen@alaska.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Raymond Anthony, Associate Professor, Philosophy, rxanthony@alaska.edu
Jackie Cason, Associate Professor, English, jecason@alaska.edu
Judith Owens-Manley, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, jowensmanley@alaska.edu