Minor in Environmental Studies

Students majoring in another subject who wish to minor in environmental studies must complete the following requirements:

ENVI A211Environmental Science: Systems and Processes3
ENVI A211LEnvironmental Science: Systems and Processes Laboratory1
ENVI A212Living on Earth: Introduction to Environmental Studies3
ENVI A370Environmental Field Methods3
ENVI A470Environmental Planning and Problem Solving4
Complete two of the following courses:6
Culture and Ecology
Conservation Biology
Environmental Economics and Policy
Public Science Writing
Environmental Studies Internship
Topics in Environment and Society
Environmental Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Sociology
Total Credits20

A minimum of 20 credits is required for the minor.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

The specific educational outcomes that support the program objectives are to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Explain the fundamental role of natural/living systems in supporting life and social well-being, the relationships between people and the natural world, and the key human threats to the environment.
  • Apply skill sets such as Geographic Information Systems, knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act and survey design to address environmental problems and develop solutions in professional, academic and civic settings