ConocoPhillips Integrated Sciences Building (CPSB), Room 101, (907) 786-1298

Physics is the universal science. It is the rational development of experiments, observations and theories to explain the fundamental structure of the universe. Physicists study everything from the smallest subatomic particle to the entire universe.

The laws that physicists have discovered form the basis for understanding the world and also for making the devices and machines that we see and use every day.

The Minor in Physics will provide a valuable option to engineering, math, computer science, chemistry, biology or geology majors. It is widely known that a strong physics background increases a graduate’s employability.

Program of Study



Erin Hicks, Assistant Professor/Planetarium Director,
Nathaniel Hicks, Assistant Professor,
James Pantaleone, Professor,
Katherine Rawlins, Professor/Chair,
Travis Rector, Professor,