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Sociology is the study of society, ranging from interactions in small groups to large-scale forces transforming entire civilizations. As a social science, sociology seeks to investigate human behavior using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods. Our department is committed to training students in both sociological theory and applied empirical research so that they may become practitioners and participants in building a better world. Alaska is an ideal setting for the study of sociology due to the diversity of its people, its dynamic social landscape, and its distinct urban and rural ways of life.

The UAA undergraduate sociology program prepares students to work collaboratively in organizations characterized by complexity, rapid change and high levels of cultural diversity. The sociology major (BA or BS) provides students a firm foundation of required core courses along with a collection of elective courses that supplement core sociological knowledge. Additionally, some courses include community-based service learning options that allow students to develop experience in the field.

Our faculty study an assortment of topics that intersect with life in the North, including housing and environmental issues, deviance and crime, globalization and culture, and urbanization and inequality. Our students are active in university and community life and have an excellent reputation for social science and policy research. Our alumni can be found in a range of fields including research, business, advocacy, public health, law enforcement, education and policy.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science



Nelta Edwards, Associate Professor,
Chad R. Farrell, Professor,
Zeynep Kiliç, Associate Professor,
Karl Pfeiffer, Professor,
John Riley, Associate Professor,



Nancy Andes, Professor Emerita,
Sharon Araji, Professor Emerita,
Michael Pajot, Professor Emeritus,