Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Admission Requirements

Satisfy the Application and Admission Requirements for Baccalaureate Programs.


All Sociology majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors each semester for the purpose of reviewing their academic progress and planning future courses. It is particularly important for students to meet with their faculty advisors when it appears that academic difficulties may arise.

Graduation Requirements

Major Requirements

Core Sociology Courses (required)
SOC A101Introduction to Sociology3
SOC A307Demography3
SOC/PS A361Social Science Research Methods3
SOC A402Social Theory3
SOC A404Environmental Sociology3
SOC A462Social Science Statistics4
SOC A488Capstone Seminar3
Diversity and Inequality
Complete one of the following courses:3
Urban Sociology
Marriages and Families
Social Stratification
Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Sociology Electives
Complete an additional 12 sociology credits, of which 6 credits must be upper-division.12
Foundations in Writing and Ethics
PHIL A302Biomedical Ethics3
or PHIL A303 Environmental Ethics
WRTG A213Writing and the Sciences3
Mathematics and Statistics
Complete two of the following courses:6-8
College Algebra for Managerial and Social Sciences
College Algebra for Calculus
Applied Calculus for Managerial and Social Sciences
Statistics for Psychology
Elementary Statistics
Applied Statistics for the Sciences
Probability and Statistics
Interdisciplinary Electives
Complete one additional upper-division course in math, statistics, natural sciences (ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS), health sciences, geomatics, geography or environmental studies.3-4
Total Credits52-55

A total of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 credits must be upper-division. 

Honors in Sociology

Students majoring in Sociology are eligible to graduate with departmental honors if they satisfy all of the following:

  1. Meet all the requirements for a BA or BS degree in Sociology.
  2. Maintain a grade point average of 3.50 or above in all Sociology courses.
  3. Attain a score at or above the 90th percentile on the ETS Major Field Test OR attain a score at or above the 85th percentile on the ETS Major Field Test and successfully complete an undergraduate research/service project resulting in a presentation at a conference, symposium, or community meeting.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate decision-making skills appropriate to evidence-based identification, understanding, and amelioration of social problems.
  • Demonstrate fundamental technical proficiency in social science research in preparation for graduate level training or direct employment in professional fields utilizing the methods and analytical skills of the social sciences.
  • Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively in preparation for work in organizations characterized by complexity, rapid change, and high levels of cultural diversity.