Minor in Elementary Special Education

The Minor in Elementary Special Education provides candidates with the knowledge of assessment and intervention strategies that support the learning of children with exceptional learning needs in the K - 8 curriculum.

EDSE A336Classroom Guidance and Behavior Management3
EDSE A410Clinical Assessment: Eligibility and Program Planning3
EDSE A412Curriculum and Strategies I: Low Incidence3
EDSE A422Curriculum and Strategies II: High Incidence3
EDSE A425Math for Special Learners3
EDSE A483Language and Literacy: Assessment and Interventions3
EDSE A484Collaboration and Partnerships Between Families and Professionals3
EDSE A495AField Experience in Special Education: Elementary3
Total Credits24

A total of 24 credits are required for the minor. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Evaluate assessment outcomes to identify individual learning differences of students with exceptional learning needs in the K - 8 classroom.
  • Use the results of assessment to individualize instruction to meet the individual learning needs of culturally diverse students in inclusive settings.
  • Support a positive and culturally responsive social environment for all students in inclusive settings.
  • Promote collaboration amongst parents and professionals to support students with exceptional learning needs.