Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Corrections

This program is delivered only through Kenai Peninsula College.

This 16-credit hour certificate provides vocational training for entry-level positions in the field of corrections. The certificate can be extended to the Undergraduate Certificate in Corrections with the completion of additional courses.

Admission Requirements

Satisfy the Application and Admission Requirements for Occupational Endorsement Certificate Programs.

Program admission will be based on approval through KPC. Students must submit the KPC admissions application and the application for the corrections program. Visit the KPC website or contact KPC academic and staff advisors for more information and admission forms.


Students are encouraged to contact KPC academic and staff advisors for assistance in planning and reviewing their academic program. Advisors are available prior to enrollment and during the semesters through email, telephone or face-to-face contact. Students interested in the occupational endorsement certificate should consult a faculty advisor in Corrections before enrolling, particularly for information concerning employment restriction.


Students must meet all KPC requirements to enroll in courses, as listed in the KPC website or UAOnline. KPC offers preparatory courses for students who need to improve their academic and study skills in order to succeed in the college environment.

Course Requirements

Certain courses require prerequisites or faculty permission, as listed in this catalog. Call (907) 262-0344 or (877) 262-0330 for further information.

Graduation Requirements

Program Requirements

CIOS A135ASpreadsheets I: MS Excel1
WRTG A111Writing Across Contexts3
JUST A110Introduction to Justice3
JUST A210Principles of Corrections3
Advisor approved electives6
Total Credits16

A total of 16 credits is required for the occupational endorsement certificate.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

The specific education outcomes of this program are to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Describe the criminal justice system as a whole.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in probation, parole and correctional institutional methods.
  • Use English language writing skills to communicate and record information appropriately in the corrections field.
  • Manipulate spreadsheets and compute formulas with basic proficiency.
  • Recognize human services and systems for the helping professions.
  • Recognize the addictive process and methods to assist those in addiction.
  • Possess competitive entry-level skills for employment and promotion in the field of corrections.