Associate of Applied Science in Process Technology

This program is delivered only through Kenai Peninsula College.

Admission Requirements

Satisfy the Application and Admission Requirements for Associate Degree Programs.

Students who apply to the Process Technology AAS are admitted in a pre-major status.  The process for advancement to major status requires completion of the following steps:

  1. Complete an advising session with a PRT faculty advisor.
  2. Complete the following courses with a grade of “C” or better:
    WRTG A111Writing Across Contexts3
    MATH A105Intermediate Algebra (or any higher-level GER mathematics course)3
    PRT A101Introduction to Process Technology3
    PHYS A115
    Physical Science
    and Physical Science Lab
    or PHYS A123
    Basic Physics I
    and Basic Physics I Laboratory
  3. Completion of Change of Major Form from Pre-Major to Major status, signed by PRT faculty advisor.


Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor in the Process Technology program prior to registering for Process Technology courses. Advising is required to move to major status and to complete the AAS in Process Technology.

Graduation Requirements

Program Requirements

Select one of the following:3-4
Intermediate Algebra *
College Algebra for Calculus *
Any course for which MATH A105 or MATH A151 is a prerequisite
Computer Literacy
CIS A105Introduction to Personal Computers and Application Software3
or CIS A110 Computer Concepts in Business
Survey of Chemistry
and Survey of Chemistry Laboratory (or higher level)
Select one of the following:4
Physical Science
and Physical Science Lab *
Basic Physics I
and Basic Physics I Laboratory *
Core Courses
PRT A101Introduction to Process Technology3
PRT A110Introduction to Process Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness3
PRT A130Process Technology I: Equipment4
PRT A140Industrial Process Instrumentation I3
PRT A144Industrial Process Instrumentation II3
PRT A230Process Technology II: Systems4
PRT A231Process Technology III: Operations4
PRT A250Process Troubleshooting3
PRT A255Quality Concepts for the Process Industry1
Advisor-approved Applied Technology Electives9
May be chosen from:
Electronics Technology (ET)
Industrial Process Instrumentation (PETR, ET, PRT)
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
Process Technology (PRT)
Technology Internship (TECH)

May be used to satisfy AAS General Course Requirements.

A total of 60 credits is required for the degree.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with an Associate of Applied Science in Process Technology will be able to:

  • Maintain a safe work area: enforce safety regulations, follow safe operating procedures, maintain effective communications with personnel and identify workplace hazards.
  • Monitor area operations: monitor equipment for efficiency and integrity, identify process problems and perform trend analysis.
  • Maintain process parameters: perform process adjustments, start-up process equipment and shut down process equipment.
  • Maintain emergency response preparedness: respond to emergencies, effectively participate in emergency response drills and conduct periodic review of emergency response procedures.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance: report recordable incidents, record discharge reports, record regulatory data, maintain current licensing, participate in internal/external audits and comply with HAZCOM requirements.
  • Coordinate maintenance activities: generate work requests, develop safe-out procedures, schedule maintenance activities, prepare equipment for maintenance activity and issue work permits.
  • Perform administrative activities: produce required reports, record logbook entries and perform personnel evaluations.
  • Assess and recognize the need for continued professional development: participate in job-related training and utilize self-study resources.