University Police Daily Crime Log

The University Police Department (UPD) maintains a daily log of all reported crimes that have occurred on campus, in or on non-campus buildings or property, or on public property within the campus or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus, as defined by the Clery Act. The daily crime log will contain information for all crimes reported to the University Police that occurred in the U-MED District and associated roadways to and from the Aviation Technology Complex and University Center campuses. The log maintains basic information on reported crimes, including the date the crime was reported; the date and time the crime occurred; the nature of the crime; and the general location of the crime.

The crime log for the past 60 days is located outside the door of the University Police Department at 114 Eugene Short Hall on the Anchorage campus. Crime logs are available for up to the past seven years, within two business days of a request for public inspection. Information may be temporarily withheld if certain requirements are met, such as if sharing the information may jeopardize an on-going investigation or jeopardize the safety of an individual.