Any university student, faculty, staff member, or community member may report an alleged violation of the Code. Allegations of Code violations must be in writing and submitted to the student conduct administrator in accordance with MAU rules and procedures. Though anonymous complaints are permitted, doing so may limit the university's ability to investigate and respond to a complaint. The University has the right to pursue notice of student misconduct on its own behalf and initiate a student conduct review, regardless of whether or not a formal allegation is submitted by a complainant.  Complaints of student misconduct and academic dishonesty may be reported to these offices:

Anchorage Campus

Student Misconduct: Dean of Students Office - (907) 786-1214 or Department of Residence Life (for residential cases) - (907) 751-7444

Academic Dishonesty: Dean of Students Office - (907) 786-1214

File a complaint.

Kenai Peninsula College - Kachemak Bay Campus

Student Misconduct and Academic Dishonesty: Student and Enrollment Services Coordinator - (907) 235-1658

Kenai Peninsula College - Kenai River Campus

Student Misconduct and Academic Dishonesty: Student Services Director - (907) 262-0314

Kodiak College

Student Misconduct and Academic Dishonesty: College Director - (907) 486-1220

Mat-Su College

Student Misconduct and Academic Dishonesty: Director of Academic Affairs - (907) 745-9754

Prince William Sound College

Student Misconduct: Director of Student Affairs - (907) 834-1612

Academic Dishonesty: Assistant Director of Academic Affairs - (907) 834-1633