Dispute Resolution Procedures for Other Discrimination Decisions

A complainant or respondent who disputes the written findings of the investigation report may request a formal review of the findings within 5 working days of the release of the findings. Such formal review will be conducted by one or more trained individuals appointed by the chancellor or, in case of statewide employees, the president. The purpose of this review is to provide an opportunity for the chancellor or president to obtain an objective review of the investigation findings when those findings are disputed by one of the involved parties. The review will be scheduled as soon as practicable and the written recommendation resulting from the review will be forwarded to the chancellor, or in the case of a statewide employee, to the president for a decision.

If a party is dissatisfied with a chancellor's decision, that party may request a discretionary review by the president within 5 working days of the decision. If the president elects to review a chancellor's decision, the president's decision will be the final decision of the university. If the president does not elect to accept a review within 15 working days, the decision of the chancellor then becomes the final decision of the university. In the case of Statewide Administration employees, the decision of the president is the final decision of the university. In either case, the final decision of the university is not grievable except as set forth in this regulation and is subject to appeal within 30 days pursuant to Alaska Appellate Rule 602(a)(2).

Please note that UAA is revising its other discrimination policies and regulations, and this page will be updated if new policies and regulations are approved.