Please note: The Bachelors of Arts in Early Childhood Education and in Elementary Education, the Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Early Childhood and in Elementary Education, the Graduate Certificate in Special Education (K-12) initial licensure track, the Master of Arts in Teaching, and the Master of Education in Early Childhood Special Education initial licensure track no longer hold specialized accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) as of December 31, 2018.

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Communications voluntarily withdrew from specialized accreditation by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC).

Graduate Programs

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Graduate education is an integral part of the University of Alaska Anchorage and is coordinated through the Graduate School. The dean of the Graduate School has responsibility for leadership and oversight of graduate programs.

The university offers graduate certificates, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. Students may also pursue graduate studies at UAA that apply toward doctoral degrees offered by other institutions. Some or all coursework and research may be completed at UAA while the doctoral degree is granted by another university.

Students who have completed UAA graduate programs possess the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in furthering their education and to excel in their chosen professions. Whether the degree is required for advancement, personal and professional growth, or for other goals, students may expect the challenges and rewards of high quality graduate education.

Upon successful completion of their graduate programs, students will have demonstrated mastery of their disciplines and will have participated in independent scholarship. Appropriate exit requirements allow students to express the knowledge they have acquired in formats designed for their respective programs. For expected student outcomes in graduate programs, please see individual program listings.

To ensure the most beneficial educational experience, students’ academic preparation and likelihood of success in their programs are carefully assessed and validated. Admission requirements provide an opportunity for students to document their credentials and demonstrate readiness for graduate studies. If an entrance examination is required, the nature of that examination is determined by the appropriate discipline. As they progress in their studies, students can expect discipline-specific advising from mentors in their programs.

Graduate students are subject to relevant policies contained in the complete UAA Catalog, as well as individual program requirements listed in this catalog and in graduate student handbooks developed by those graduate programs.

Campus Key

AI Program offered through Anchorage

College Key

CAS College of Arts and Sciences
CBPP College of Business and Public Policy
COEng College of Engineering
COH College of Health
CTC Community & Technical College

Master’s Degrees

Master of Applied Environmental Science and Technology

Master of Applied Environmental Science and Technology (suspended)AICOEng

Master of Arts

Anthropology (suspended)AICAS
Interdisciplinary StudiesAIGraduate School

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in TeachingAICAS

Master of Business Administration

General ManagementAICBPP

Master of Civil Engineering

Master of Civil Engineering (suspended)AICOEng

Master of Education

Counselor Education (suspended)AICAS
Early Childhood Special EducationAICAS
Educational LeadershipAICAS
Special EducationAICAS
Teaching and LearningAICAS

Master of Fine Arts

Creative Writing and Literary ArtsAICAS

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public AdministrationAICBPP

Master of Public Health

Public Health Practice AICOH

Master of Science

Applied Environmental Science and Technology (suspended)AICOEng
Applied Geological SciencesAICAS
Arctic Engineering (suspended)AICOEng
Biological Sciences (MS)AICAS
Career and Technical Education (suspended)AICTC
Civil EngineeringAICOEng
Clinical PsychologyAICAS
Dietetics and NutritionAICOH
Engineering Management (suspended)AICOEng
Global Supply Chain ManagementAICBPP
Interdisciplinary StudiesAIGraduate School
Mechanical EngineeringAICOEng
Nursing Science (MS)AICOH
Project ManagementAICOEng
Science Management (suspended)AICOEng

Master of Social Work

Master of Social WorkAICOH

Dual Degree, Master of Public Health/Master of Social Work

Master of Public Health/Master of Social WorkAICOH

Graduate Certificates

Children’s Mental Health*AICAS
Counselor Education (suspended)*AICAS
Dietetic Internship*AICOH
Educational Leadership: Principal*AICAS
Educational Leadership: Superintendent (suspended)*AICAS
Environmental Regulation and Permitting (suspended)*AICOEng
Family Nurse Practitioner*AICOH
Language Education*AICAS
Nursing Education*AICOH
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner*AICOH
Special Education*AICAS

Doctoral Programs

Biological SciencesCooperative program with UAFCAS
Clinical-Community PsychologyAICAS
Nursing ScienceAICOH
Occupational Therapy Collaborative with Creighton UniversityCOH
PharmacyCollaborative with Idaho State University (ISU)COH
WWAMI School of Medical EducationCollaborative with the University of WashingtonCOH

These programs have been defined as gainful employment programs. For more information regarding program costs and graduation and job placement rates, please visit our gainful employment website at