Request for Assistance Animals

When a student, employee, or visitor with a disability wants to use an assistance animal on campus, a request for accommodation must be made in advance. To do this, a student should initiate the process for accommodation through Disability Support Services. The individual is responsible for providing appropriate documentation in support of the request for accommodation. Each request will be reviewed on an individualized basis.

UAA will not retaliate against any person because that individual has requested or received a reasonable accommodation.

Appeal Process

Any individual may appeal the decision reached in the accommodation process by following the complaint procedures outlined in Regents’ Policies and University Regulations. Copies are available from Disability Support Services, the Office of the Dean of Students, or the Office of Equity and Compliance. For more information, see the Complaint Procedures for Appropriate Academic Adjustments and Programmatic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities section of the Student Handbook.

Locations for students to make a disability-related request for accommodation:

Anchorage Campus

Disability Support Services

3211 Providence Drive

(907) 786-1800

Kenai Peninsula College - Kachemak Bay Campus

Disability Support Services Coordinator

Pioneer Hall

(907) 235-1658

Kenai Peninsula College - Kenai River Campus

Disability Support Services Coordinator

Clayton R. Brockel Building

(907) 262-0328

Kodiak College

College Director

Benny Benson Building

(907) 486-1220

Mat-Su College

Student Services Director

Jalmar Kertulla Building

(907) 745-9732

Prince William Sound College

Director of Student Affairs

303 Lowe Street

(907) 834-1612