Appropriate Academic Adjustments and Programmatic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

UAA will provide a learning environment in which no student will be subjected to unlawful discrimination based on disability.  Each qualified student with a disability will be eligible to receive appropriate academic adjustments and programmatic accommodations necessary for the student to access educational opportunities, programs, activities, or services in the most integrated setting possible.

A formal complaint may be filed by a student who has been denied services by the Disability Support Services (DSS) Coordinator or site designee, is dissatisfied with the services provided, or feels they have been discriminated against due to disability.

The programmatic accommodation process must have been exhausted and informal attempts at resolution must have been attempted before a formal complaint may be filed.  Informal resolution should be attempted by contacting the designated DSS Coordinator at the site where the accommodation was requested.

Formal complaints must be submitted in writing to:

         UAA Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

         Administration/Humanities Building (second floor)

         (907) 786-6108

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will notify individuals of the final decision in accordance with Regents’ Policy.  Go to the Board of Regents website to see the Board of Regents Policy and University Regulation on Services for Students with Disabilities.