Complaint Procedures - UAA

UAA’s mission is to discover and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, engagement, and creative expression.  UAA believes in intellectual honesty, mutual respect, and freedom from discrimination, intimidation, harassment, and violence. As valued members of the university community, all students’ opinions are important. University students have a variety of procedures available to them to process complaints or disputes about actions or inaction by members of the university community that adversely affects them.

Assistance with Complaint Resolution

Resources are available on each campus to help students seeking assistance with UAA’s complaint procedures.  

Anchorage Campus (including Military Programs at JBER-Elmendorf and JBER-Richardson)

Dean of Students Office(907) 786-1214 or

Kenai Peninsula College

Student Services: (907) 262-0314

Kodiak College

The Director's Office: (907) 486-1250

Student Services: (907) 486-1264

Mat-Su College

Office of Academic Affairs: (907) 745-9754

Student Services: (907) 745-9762

Prince William Sound College (including the Copper Basin and Cordova Extension sites) 

Student Services: (907) 834-1632