Possession of Weapons

Except as otherwise provided in policy or university regulation, possession or carrying of firearms in buildings or parts of buildings owned or controlled by the University, on developed university land adjacent to university buildings, or at university sporting, entertainment or educational events, is a violation of regents’ policy and may result in administrative sanctions. Entering or remaining on university premises or at university events in violation of this provision is expressly prohibited.

Regents’ policy and university regulation regulating possession and storage of firearms shall not be construed to prohibit an individual from possessing a firearm while that individual is within a motor vehicle, or to prohibit an individual from storing a firearm that is locked in the individual’s motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is otherwise legally parked in or on university, state or municipal property or another person’s property. This applies only to possession of a firearm by an individual who may legally possess a firearm under state and federal law.

Loaded or unloaded firearms may not be carried or stored on university property or in university buildings without the prior written permission of the appropriate chancellor or chancellor's designee, except for several exceptions.  Among them, firearms may be carried by commissioned law enforcement officers in relation to their law enforcement function and licensed security guards in uniform while performing services for the University.

In order to balance the individual resident's right to bear arms with the university's compelling interest in providing a safe environment conducive to learning and the open exchange of ideas, the University permits the possession of firearms in residences subject to the following limitation.  Students bringing firearms into residential units are required to store their firearms in a central storeroom under the supervision of a designated university employee. Firearms, explosives and reloading activities are not permitted in resident rooms or apartments or in any common areas.

See the full Regents’ Policy and University Regulations pertaining to weapons on campus.