Deviations from degree requirements must be approved by academic petition. Petition forms may be obtained online

All petitions requesting that transferred elective credit be accepted for degree requirements must be accompanied by catalog copy of the course description(s) from the institution of origin. It is highly recommended to include a course syllabus in the documentation. Petitioned courses, other than those from UAF or UAS, must meet transfer credit criteria for acceptance prior to final approval.

Final authority to approve or deny petitions pertaining to program or college requirements rests with the dean of the college. Petitions pertaining to General Education Requirements (GERs) and/or General University Requirements (GURs) must, in addition, be processed through the Office of Academic Affairs, with final authority to approve or deny resting with the provost. Students and the department will be notified of the decision.

Changes in course level, grading or number of credits awarded cannot be petitioned. UAA courses not on the approved baccalaureate GER list cannot be petitioned to meet a GER.