Geography (GEOG)


GEOG A101 Local Places/Global Regions: An Introduction to Geography 3 Credits

Introduction to cultural, political, and environmental diversity in an international context. Focus on key global issues, current events, and geographic approaches to understanding world problems.
Crosslisted With: INTL A101.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

GEOG A111 Earth Systems: Elements of Physical Geography 3 Credits

Survey of the processes that form the physical environment and the resulting physical patterns. Study of landforms, climate, soils, water resources, vegetation and their world and regional patterns.
Crosslisted With: ENVI A111

Attributes: UAA Natural Sciences GER.

GEOG A375 Environmental Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 3 Credits

Concepts in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with specific focus on environmental applications. Investigation into the need and popularity of using GIS to address complex environmental issues. Integration of both biophysical and socioeconomic spatial data as it relates to environmental issues. Spatial analysis, cartographic design and map compilation principles are placed in the context of environmental studies.
Registration Restrictions: Completion of Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses and junior or senior standing.

Prerequisites: ENVI A211L with a minimum grade of C.

GEOG A390A Topics in Global Geography 3 Credits

Seminar focusing on a thematic approach to human geography in a global context. Draws on the interdisciplinary nature of geography to provide students with a broad understanding of critical global issues.
Special Note: May be repeated twice with change of subtitle.
Registration Restrictions: Completion of Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses and junior standing.

Prerequisites: GEOG A101 or INTL A101.

Attributes: UAA Integrative Capstone GER.