Computer Info & Office Systems (CIOS)


CIOS A082 Clerical Accounting 3 Credits

Introduces accounting fundamentals using a service business to illustrate the basic accounting equation, closing the books, and preparing financial statements.
Special Note: Offered as Demand Warrants.

CIOS A101 Keyboarding 3 Credits

Introduces keyboarding skills and emphasizes correct techniques and development of speed, accuracy, and proofreading. Introduces word processing concepts to produce personal and business letters, tables, and reports.
Special Note: Credit will not be counted for both CIOS A101 and (CIOS A101A and CIOS A101B and CIOS A101C).

CIOS A101A Keyboarding A: Basic Keyboarding 1 Credit

Introduces the keyboard alphabet, number, and symbol keys. Emphasizes techniques and mechanics of keyboarding by touch.
Special Note: Credit will not be counted for both CIOS A101 and (CIOS A101A and CIOS A101B and CIOS A101C).

CIOS A101B Keyboarding B: Business Documents I 1 Credit

Introduces keyboarding format for basic business correspondence, reports and tables using a word processing program. Continues to develop keyboarding speed, accuracy and proofreading.
Special Note: Credit will not be counted for both CIOS A101 and (CIOS A101A and CIOS A101B and CIOS A101C).
Registration Restrictions: CIOS A101A or 30 net WPM keyboarding skills recommended

CIOS A101C Keyboarding C: Business Documents II 1 Credit

Builds on concepts introduced in CIOS A101B to create intermediate correspondence, resumes, reports and tables in a word processing program and continues to develop keyboarding speed and accuracy.
Special Note: Credit will not be counted for both CIOS A101 and (CIOS A101A and CIOS A101B and CIOS A101C).

Prerequisites: CIOS A101B with a minimum grade of C.

CIOS A102 Keyboarding Skill Building 1 Credit

Emphasizes development of keyboarding speed and accuracy.
Special Note: May be repeated with only 1 credit in each semester.

Prerequisites: CIOS A101A.

CIOS A103 Introduction to Personal Computers 1 Credit

Introduces personal computers to novice users. Includes basics of start-up and using the mouse to perform Windows operations.

CIOS A108 Digital Design Fundamentals 1 Credit

Introduces design fundamentals as they apply to using desktop publishing, image editing, and web design applications to communicate through online or print media.

Prerequisites: CIOS A113 and CIOS A130A.

CIOS A113 Operating Systems: MS Windows 1 Credit

Introduces currently supported versions of operating systems. Includes file and disk management, the control panel, desktop, utilities, windows setup, and maintenance.

CIOS A115 10-Key for Business Calculations 2 Credits

Introduces the 10-key touch control method to solve business-related calculations while developing speed and accuracy.

CIOS A120A Bookkeeping Software Applications I: QuickBooks 1 Credit

Introduces the QuickBooks accounting program. Covers basic bookkeeping procedures for company setup and maintenance, data input for check register, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking, and sales tax.
Special Note: Knowledge of bookkeeping principles is recommended.

Prerequisites: CIOS A101A and CIOS A113.

CIOS A125A Electronic Communications I: MS Outlook 1 Credit

Introduces electronic communication and time management features of Microsoft Outlook.

CIOS A130A Word Processing I: MS Word 1 Credit

Introduces fundamentals, concepts and applications of word processing. Students learn basic commands needed to create, format, edit and print documents.
Registration Restrictions: Basic keyboarding skills of 20 WPM recommended

CIOS A135A Spreadsheets I: MS Excel 1 Credit

Introduces the fundamentals of spreadsheet design and use, including basic commands, formulas, and functions. Covers insertion of charts, objects and hyperlinks.
Registration Restrictions: Basic keyboarding skills and file management knowledge recommended

CIOS A140A Databases I: MS Access 1 Credit

Introduces the fundamentals of creating a relational database including tables, queries, forms and reports.
Registration Restrictions: Basic keyboarding and file management skills recommended

CIOS A146 Internet Concepts and Applications 1 Credit

Introduces Internet concepts, tools and applications. Includes use of electronic mail; search strategies for research, academic and personal use; studies security and ethics issues; and new Internet technologies.
Registration Restrictions: Basic keyboarding and file management skills recommended

CIOS A150A Presentations: MS PowerPoint 1 Credit

Introduces software and design techniques for creating professional presentations that include a variety of effects such as transition, animation, sound and graphics.
Registration Restrictions: Basic keyboarding and file management skills recommended

CIOS A152A Digital Imaging Concepts and Applications: Photoshop 3 Credits

Introduces the fundamentals, concepts, and applications of digital imaging techniques, including basic digital design fundamentals, enhancing images, and creating images for use in print or on the web.

Prerequisites: CIOS A108 or concurrent enrollment and CIOS A130A or concurrent enrollment and CIOS A146 or concurrent enrollment.

CIOS A153B Website Design: Dreamweaver 3 Credits

Introduces fundamentals of web design using the Dreamweaver application. Emphasizes sound design principles and the use of CSS for formatting and layout.

Prerequisites: CIOS A130A and CIOS A146 and CIOS A152A or concurrent enrollment.

CIOS A154B Desktop Publishing I: MS Publisher 1 Credit

Introduces fundamentals and concepts of desktop publishing and design elements used to create a variety of documents for publication, including flyers, brochures, and newsletters.
Special Note: Students are strongly encouraged to complete CIOS A254B to gain a fuller understanding of this topic.

Prerequisites: CIOS A101A.

CIOS A161A Business Writing Strategies 2 Credits

Introduces proofreading techniques used in business communication. Develops skills in proofreading documents for content, usage, grammar, punctuation, spelling and format.
Registration Restrictions: Proof of placement into WRTG A111 and keyboarding skills of 30 net words per minute or higher.

CIOS A164 Filing 1 Credit

Introduces filing terminology, techniques, and ARMA (American Records Management Association) filing rules as they apply to alphabetic, numeric, subject, and geographic filing systems.

CIOS A165 Office Procedures 3 Credits

Introduces the duties and responsibilities of office employees in the following areas: mail, records management, office communications, reprographics, travel, meetings, conferences and employment procedures.
Registration Restrictions: Basic keyboarding, word processing and file management skills recommended

CIOS A190 Selected Topics in Office Technology 1-3 Credits

Covers various topics in office technology. Course content is determined by specific student or industry needs.
Special Note: Prerequisites will vary with topic.

CIOS A201A Document Processing 3 Credits

Applies keyboarding and word processing skills to letters, mail merges, tabulations, reports, business forms, and other office documents while building speed and accuracy.

Prerequisites: CIOS A101.

CIOS A208 Medical Transcription 3 Credits

Applies word processing and proofreading skills to machine transcription of medical dictation to produce accurate, quality documents. Designed for students with no previous transcription experience. Students will learn needed medical terminology.

Prerequisites: (CIOS A101B or CIOS A101C) and CIOS A161A.

CIOS A230A Word Processing II: MS Word 1 Credit

Covers skills necessary to create and edit business documents such as letters, memos, reports, basic tables and charts, outlines, mail merges, and column text. Examines sharing work using comments, revisions and merging.
Registration Restrictions: Keyboarding skills of 30 net WPM and basic Microsoft Word skills recommended

CIOS A235A Spreadsheets II: MS Excel 1 Credit

Presents concepts and techniques for using Excel to solve problems and make decisions. Topics include financial functions; multiple worksheets and workbooks; creating, sorting and querying a table; and templates.
Registration Restrictions: CIOS A135A recommended

CIOS A240A Databases II: MS Access 2 Credits

Presents concepts and techniques for using Access databases to solve problems and make decisions. Includes advanced features of queries, forms, filters, relationships, and integration with other applications.

Prerequisites: CIOS A140A.

CIOS A251A Desktop Publishing Concepts and Applications: InDesign 3 Credits

Presents fundamental digital design techniques and the utilization of desktop publishing software to generate professional publications.

Prerequisites: CIOS A108 or concurrent enrollment and CIOS A130A or concurrent enrollment.

CIOS A254B Desktop Publishing II: MS Publisher 2 Credits

Applies skills learned in CIOS A154B to more advanced desktop publishing concepts and techniques. Presents design techniques and the use of desktop publishing software to generate sophisticated publications. Topics include scanning, graphic formats, typography, and integration with other applications.

Prerequisites: CIOS A154B.

CIOS A255 Multimedia Applications 3 Credits

Applies computer skills to learn how to manipulate sound, digital video, and digital photography to create a multimedia presentation.

Prerequisites: CIOS A130A and CIOS A135A and CIOS A150A.

CIOS A259 Preparing Electronic Documents: Adobe Acrobat 1 Credit

Covers publishing documents in portable document format, and designing and creating forms and documents that can be emailed, uploaded, and accessed on the World Wide Web, placed on intranet file systems, or permanently stored on various media storage devices.

Prerequisites: CIOS A130A and CIOS A146 or concurrent enrollment.

CIOS A260A Business Communications 3 Credits

Applies communication principles to creating business messages that involve problem solving and human relations issues. Topics include communication foundations, the writing process, workplace correspondence and communicating both personally and digitally.
Registration Restrictions: Keyboarding and word processing skills, knowledge of document formats, or instructor permission.

Prerequisites: WRTG A111 with a minimum grade of C.

CIOS A261A Interpersonal Skills in Organizations 3 Credits

Examines theories and practices of human behavior in the workplace. Emphasizes leadership theory, problems in communication and motivation, and interpersonal skills that enhance the ability to function successfully with others in an organization.

Prerequisites: CIOS A165.

CIOS A262A Job Search Strategies 2 Credits

Examines how to assess personal talents and career goals to develop appropriate cover letters, resumes and portfolios. Emphasizes job search techniques, preparation for successful interviews and job success.
Registration Restrictions: CIOS A165 recommended

CIOS A264A Records Management 2 Credits

Builds on principles learned in CIOS A165 and applies them to management of information and records. Covers the field of records management, legal and ethical issues, and the controls and technology related to the creation, use, maintenance, protection, retrieval, and disposition of paper and electronic records.

Prerequisites: CIOS A165 with a minimum grade of C.

CIOS A265 Office Management 3 Credits

Examines workplace trends, management techniques, communication, conflict resolution, ethics, diversity, technology, legal issues and the changing roles of the administrative professional.

Prerequisites: CIOS A165 with a minimum grade of C.

CIOS A276A Independent Project 1 Credit

A culminating class for students to demonstrate their ability to use a suite of applications to meet office needs.
Special Note: Students work closely with faculty to produce an end product that utilizes at least three software applications to enhance workplace efficiency.
Registration Restrictions: Faculty permission and advanced knowledge of CIOS topics

CIOS A295 Office Internship 1 Credit

Places students in business offices related to their educational program and occupational objectives for a minimum of 45 hours of on-the-job work experience.
Registration Restrictions: Minimum of 12 CIOS credits and instructor permission

Prerequisites: CIOS A165 with a minimum grade of C.