Health (HLTH)


HLTH A101 Introduction to Health Occupations 3 Credits

Introduces basic knowledge and skills of health care occupations including principles of infection control, medical office procedures, general patient care, professionalism, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid. Provides laboratory component for development of associated clinical skills. Includes introduction to health care facilities and careers in health care.

HLTH A111 Becoming a Healthcare Professional 2 Credits

Introduces key topics in healthcare including anatomy and physiology, the components and functions of various body systems, and basic health assessment skills used by healthcare professionals. Explores careers within the healthcare field in the following areas: medical, nursing, therapies and allied health.

HLTH A112 Becoming a Behavioral Health Professional 2 Credits

Introduces key topics in behavioral health including mental health, trauma, substance abuse, suicide, resiliency, and therapeutic methods. Introduces skills of high functioning teams. Explores careers within the field of behavioral health and social services. Provides opportunity to earn appropriate Mental Health First Aid certification.

HLTH A113 Professionalism in Healthcare 2 Credits

Focuses on development of professional employability skills in health care. Emphasizes cultural competency to provide high quality patient care. Provides job shadowing opportunities.

HLTH A151 Breaking Trail on Your Health and Social Services Career 3 Credits

Introduces students to interprofessional and multi-sectorial teams. Utilizes the social determinants of health model as a framework for understanding population health outcomes and exploring health related careers. Orients students to campus resources available to foster their success. Provides students opportunities to learn and apply critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.