Logistics Operations (LGOP)


LGOP A110 Logistics, Information Systems and Customer Service 3 Credits

Introduces the principles and practices of logistics and supply chain operations and how they are integrated into total supply chain management. Discusses the logic of integration concerning how organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage by implementing total supply chain management. Outlines the role of information technology. Examines customer service from the perspectives of both the organization and the individual.

LGOP A120 Warehouse and Inventory Control Operations 3 Credits

An introduction to the fundamentals of warehouse management and inventory control operations and how they fit into logistics and the supply chain. The physical aspects of warehousing, layout, coding, safety, materials handling, inventory, and their implications for an organization are explored.

LGOP A125 Transportation Services 3 Credits

Introduces transportation regulations and policies. Focuses on the roles and services provided by carriers in the rail, road, sea, air, pipeline, and water industries at the state, national, and global levels.

LGOP A160 Purchasing and Supply Management 3 Credits

Introduces the role of purchasing and supply management in the success of the organization. Discusses modern purchasing and supply management, through clearly defined policy, procedures and processes. Facilitates organizational success by ensuring the organization gets the services and materials needed from their suppliers.

LGOP A235 Transport Operations Management 3 Credits

Introduces the role and importance of efficient and effective transportation operations of shippers and carriers. Focuses on costing and pricing, carrier and shipper strategies, and information technology.