ED: Teaching and Learning (EDTL)


EDTL A650 Mindfulness in Education 3 Credits

Examines mindfulness as an approach to teaching and learning and for professional growth and development. Analyzes and critiques mindfulness from multiple perspectives including theory and research in education, social and emotional learning, adult and professional development, and cognitive science. Applicable to educators in P-12 schools, universities, and other community organizations.

EDTL A651 Curriculum Theory and Design 3 Credits

Examines curriculum theory and design in education. Analyzes history of and current themes in curriculum studies. Examines and applies curriculum design approaches and models, with particular attention given to culturally responsive and place-based education.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

EDTL A690 Selected Topics in Teaching and Learning 3 Credits

Examines current issues, themes, strategies and/or trends in teaching and learning.
Special Note: May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits with change in subtitle.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

EDTL A692 Seminar in Culturally Responsive Education 3 Credits

Seminar for educators offering in-depth discussion, analysis, and inquiry on culturally responsive education in Alaska and similar contexts. Connects students' experiences as teachers to educational theory and research to support development as culturally responsive educators.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing or department approval.

EDTL A698 Teaching and Learning Research Project 1 Credit

Conduct an applied research project in teaching and learning under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Develop the M.Ed. Teaching and Learning portfolio. Report of research results included in portfolio.
Special Note: May be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits. Students enroll in EDTL A698 three times, each time for one credit.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and admission to the M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning program.

Prerequisites: EDRS A660 with a minimum grade of C.