Course Placement

Appropriate course placement is an essential component of academic success. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor prior to registration to discuss placement scores and course prerequisites for appropriate course selection.  Refer to this catalog and the class listing for specific course prerequisites and placement score requirements.

Writing Course Placement

The new WRTG prefix replaces the prefixes ENGL and PRPE for courses in the writing sequence.  Writing (WRTG) and Preparatory English (PRPE) courses require appropriate placement scores for course registration. A student who has earned an appropriate ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER score is eligible to enroll in the courses listed in the table below. 

Students with ACT or SAT scores that place them in 200-level WRTG courses may receive credit by placement for WRTG A111 upon completion of WRTG A211, WRTG A212, WRTG A213 or WRTG A214 with a grade of C or better. To receive this credit, students must submit the appropriate form to the Office of the Registrar.  

Students placing into WRTG A080 or WRTG A090, as well as multilingual students seeking placement advising, are encouraged to meet with the academic support advisor in the Learning Commons to discuss the validity of their course placement and consider placement measures in addition to ACCUPLACER.  Call (907) 786-6045 to schedule an appointment on the Anchorage campus or contact the testing center at your community campus. 

Detailed information about testing services for writing placement, as well as student guides and sample questions, are available at the following testing centers and on their websites, linked below. 

UAA Anchorage Testing Center: (907) 786-4525 or

Kenai Peninsula College Learning Centers: Kenai River Campus Learning Center (907) 262-0330; Kachemak Bay Campus Learning Resource Center (907) 235-1658; or call toll-free 1-877-262-0330 and ask to be connected to one of the Centers.

Kodiak College Test Center: (907) 486-1232

Matanuska-Susitna College Elizabeth J. Fallon Learning Resource Center: (907) 745-9772 or

Prince William Sound College: (907) 834-1600 or

The following table shows the scores needed to place into specific courses. 

English Course ACT Composite English Score ACT English-Writing SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score ACCUPLACER Score
WRTG A111 22-2421560 or higherReading Comprehension score >= 80 & Sentence Skills score >= 90 or combined Sentence Skills + Reading Comprehension score >=170
WRTG A21125 or higher21 or higher610 or higher
WRTG A21225 or higher21 or higher610 or higher
WRTG A21325 or higher21 or higher610 or higher
WRTG A21425 or higher21 or higher610 or higher
WRTG A080Combined Sentence Skills + Reading Comprehension score < 110
WRTG A090Combined Sentence Skills + Reading Comprehension score >= 110
WRTG A110Reading Comprehension score >= 65 & Sentence Skills score >= 75 or combined Sentence Skills + Reading Comprehension score >= 140
PRPE A107Reading Comprehension score 65-84

Mathematics Course Placement

A student who has completed the course prerequisites is eligible to enroll in MATH or STAT courses. MATH or STAT prerequisite courses are valid for 24 months from the date completed. 

A student who has not completed the course prerequisites must earn an appropriate score on a UAA-approved placement test. MATH placement test scores are valid for one year from the date taken.

Detailed information about Mathematics and Statistics placement testing, as well as access to the test, are available on the UA ALEKS website

The following table shows the scores needed to place into specific courses. 

Math Course ALEKS Score
MATH A054 or MATH A0600-16
MATH A05517-29
MATH A105 30-54
MATH A11530-100
MATH A121 or MATH A151 or MATH A15555-77
STAT A25255-100
MATH A15265-77
STAT A25365-100
MATH A221 or MATH A25178-100