Minor in Mathematics

Students majoring in another subject who wish to minor in mathematics must complete the following requirements.

MATH A251Calculus I4-6
or MATH A251F F.A.T. Calculus I
MATH A252Calculus II4-6
or MATH A252F F.A.T. Calculus II
Complete at least 10 credits from the following, of which 6 must be at the upper-division level:10
Calculus III
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
Introduction to the Mathematics Major
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Ordinary Differential Equations
Introduction to Geometries
Discrete Methods
Introduction to Number Theory
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Real Analysis
Introduction to Abstract Algebra
Introduction to Complex Analysis
Historical Mathematics
Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Partial Differential Equations and Complex Variables
Numerical Analysis
Concepts of Topology
Introduction to Differential Geometry
Partial Differential Equations
Probability and Statistics

A minimum of 18 credits is required for the minor, of which 6 must be approved upper-division mathematics credits.