Agriculture (AGRI)


AGRI A103 Introduction to Soil Science 3 Credits

Identifies properties of soils and how they affect plant growth, soil texture, structure, moisture retention, chemistry, fertility, temperature, biological activity, and organic matter.
Registration Restrictions: High school biology and chemistry recommended.

AGRI A104 Conservation of Natural Resources 3 Credits

Introduces how sustained yield, carrying capacity, and supply and demand are used in the skillful management and preservation of natural resources. Considers the economic aspects and conflicts in use for natural resources.
Special Note: Majors in all fields are welcome.

AGRI A138 Organic Gardening 1-3 Credits

Introduces organic methods and materials for ecological agriculture covering soil management, crop rotations, weed control, pest management, garden planning, planting, harvesting, storage, French intensive methods, and compost.

AGRI A190 Selected Topics in Agriculture 1-3 Credits

Introduces a special topic in agriculture of general interest. Topics as announced.
Special Note: May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits with a change of subtitle.