Public Administration (PADM)


PADM A601 Introduction to Public Administration and Policy 3 Credits

Introduces the fields of public administration and policy. Analyzes the scope, nature, history, current context and basic tools in the study of public policy and administration. Topics covered include social, economic and political environments of policy and administration; comparative policy/administration; bureaucratic politics; power and authority; law; ethics of policymakers and administrators; and politics of expertise.
Special Note: Offered fall and spring semesters.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

PADM A602 Seminar in Public Management 3 Credits

Focuses on tools and insights that support individual growth in ethical, effective, and efficient management abilities. Students are offered the opportunity for personal development in the context of understanding their own strengths and challenges as a manager in a diverse workforce.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

PADM A603 Management Analysis 3 Credits

Introduction to organizational and systems analysis, systems theory, information systems, procedure analysis, management planning, and management problem solving.
Registration Restrictions: Faculty permission.

PADM A604 Research Methods in Public Administration 3 Credits

This course introduces methods of empirical research, including research design, survey sampling, data collection and statistical analysis. There is a special emphasis on communicating results of analysis to administrators, policymakers and the public.
Registration Restrictions: Introductory course in statistics with a minimum grade of C.

PADM A606 The Policymaking Process 3 Credits

Examines the skills, protocols and insights required to understand, and participate in the policymaking process. Offers a historical, theoretical, and practical framework for policymaking in a democratic society. Examines the internal and external forces that influence policy development and addresses practical and ethical decision-making considerations.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing.

PADM A608 Organizational Theory, Design and Development 3 Credits

Prepares students to navigate complex and changing organizational environments and to implement effective organizational design and development. Examines relationships between national events and political and cultural perceptions that impact public organizational environments. Offers a comprehensive framework of organizational theory, practical models and tools that develop organizational resilience.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing or instructor permission

PADM A610 Public and Non-Profit Organizational Behavior 3 Credits

Focuses on applying knowledge and practices of organizational development in public and non-profit institutions. Offers an understanding of human behavior in the workplace from individual, group and organizational perspectives. Examines a broad menu of behavior theory. Presents an in-depth study of organizational behaviors including concepts of motivation, leadership style, authority, collaboration and change.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

PADM A620 Internship in Public Administration/Policy 1-3 Credits

Applied work experience in public administration or policy analysis. The course consists of the equivalent of three months of full-time work in an approved state, federal, local, or private agency, under the supervision of a senior agency employee in cooperation with a faculty advisor. An internship journal and a final internship report are required.
Special Note: Offered as demand warrants.
Registration Restrictions: Faculty permission

PADM A624 Human Resources Administration and Labor Relations 3 Credits

Presents a broad spectrum of practical skills, protocols, tools and regulations relating to human resource administration and labor relations in the public sector. Examines the legal requirements, historical context, and ethical underpinning of human resource management and labor relations.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing.

PADM A628 Public Financial Management 3 Credits

Introduction to the management and administration of public financial resources. The course focuses on finance issues currently faced by professionals who are responsible for administration of public funds.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

PADM A632 Public Policy Analysis 3 Credits

Combines theory and practical approaches to public policy analysis. Students are trained to identify policy problems, to select an appropriate method for analysis and to analyze public policy options.
Registration Restrictions: Faculty permission. PADM A604 recommended.

PADM A640 Dispute Resolution 3 Credits

Reviews literature and principles of dispute resolution. Focuses on negotiation, mediation, and consensus building as ways to resolve individual conflicts, group conflicts, and public disputes.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing or permission of instructor

PADM A650 Alaska Policy Studies 3 Credits

Employs analysis and problem-solving skills to gain an understanding of Alaska's dynamic, contemporary and unique policy issues. Topics include the state's government structure and political environment, economy, federal influences, Alaska Native perspectives, and Arctic futures.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

PADM A651 Issues in Arctic Policy 3 Credits

Provides an overview of current Arctic policy issues from sustainable development to national security, and introduces major actors and governance structures. Examines the rapid political, social, economic and climate changes occurring across the circumpolar north.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

PADM A659 Public Administration Capstone 3 Credits

Demonstrates PADM student ability to synthesize MPA graduate-level coursework through a final capstone project. Refines student knowledge and skills to identify a client, define a topic, conduct research, and prepare and present a policy report. Integrates research, critical thinking and communication skills as well as experiential and theoretical learning.
Registration Restrictions: Successful completion of the MPA comprehensive core program.

PADM A660 Public Policy Capstone A 3 Credits

Synthesizes Master of Public Policy graduate-level course work through a final capstone project. Refines student knowledge and skills to identify a client, define a topic, and conduct research. Integrates research, critical thinking, and communication skills as well as experiential and theoretical learning.
Special Note: Offered in the fall. First of two sequential courses.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and instructor approval

PADM A661 Public Policy Capstone B 3 Credits

Synthesizes Master of Public Policy graduate-level course work through a final capstone project. Second part of the capstone experience, this course focuses on translating research data into a public presentation and publication, and how to demonstrate leadership in policy creation.
Special Note: Offered in the spring. Second of two sequential courses.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing

Prerequisites: PADM A660 with a minimum grade of B.

PADM A671 Selected Topics in Public Administration 1-3 Credits

Analyzes selected public administration issues. Topics will be announced in the published class schedules.
Registration Restrictions: Faculty permission or graduate standing

PADM A688 Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement 3 Credits

Covers theory and practice of program evaluation and performance measurement. Course topics include: needs assessment techniques, an understanding of program logic models, research designs for program evaluation, qualitative and quantitative evaluation approaches, and cost benefit analysis. Development of performance measures, ethics and communicating findings are also covered.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing; one undergraduate or graduate statistics course; PADM A604 recommended