Sociology (SOC)


SOC A101 Introduction to Sociology 3 Credits

Introduces the science of humans as social animals, emphasizing social processes which give rise to and shape human language, experience, perception, meaning and behavior. Multiple frameworks used in understanding and predicting human behavior.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

SOC A201 Social Problems and Solutions 3 Credits

Survey of contemporary social problems. Focuses on the causes and consequences of social problems and examines processes through which social problems are identified, prioritized, and addressed.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

SOC A202 Social Institutions 3 Credits

Applies sociological perspectives, theories, and methodologies to the study of social institutions, including family, education, economy, government, and religion, to examine the ways in which social institutions shape the social organization of society.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

SOC A251 Crime and Delinquency 3 Credits

Presents theoretical perspectives on the causes, consequences, and control of crime and delinquency. Surveys the major theoretical perspectives in the study of crime and delinquency with special attention to the application of empirical research methods to important theoretical issues.
Crosslisted With: JUST A251

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

SOC A252 Women and Social Action 3 Credits

Examines the evolving role of women in contemporary organizations and social movements with an emphasis on leadership.
Crosslisted With: WS A252

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C or WS A200 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A280 Contemporary Issues 3 Credits

Analysis of contemporary social issues from a variety of sociological perspectives.
Special Note: May be repeated twice for credit with a change in subtitle.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A307 Demography 3 Credits

Analysis of world populations: growth and decline patterns, migratory trends and ecology; worldwide implications to current population growth; critical review of major theoretical contributions, with introduction to demographic methods.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A309 Urban Sociology 3 Credits

Examines the social, cultural, demographic, and institutional components of metropolitan growth, suburbanization, and urban inequality. Designed to provide a multilevel perspective by addressing both macro- and micro-level phenomena ranging from large-scale urban development to small-scale urban ways of life.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A342 Marriages and Families 3 Credits

Emphasizes theories and research that consider today's marital and family lifestyles, as well as class and cultural variations found in the U.S. and globally. Considers historical contexts, as well as traditional and nontraditional forms of marriages and families, including socialization of children.

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

SOC A343 Sociology of Deviant Behavior 3 Credits

A critical analysis of the social etiology of deviant behavior (both criminal and non-criminal) with an emphasis on the nature of group interaction and an examination of the institutions involved.

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C or SOC A201 with a minimum grade of C or SOC A202 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A347 Sociology of Religion 3 Credits

A critical sociological analysis of religion that considers the historical, cultural, social, psychological and personal aspects of religious experience and organizations in relationship to contemporary social institutions.

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A351 Political Sociology 3 Credits

Introduction to the social aspects of politics and the nature and distribution of power in society. Examination of the dynamic relationship of the political process and the institutions of society.
Crosslisted With: PS A351.

Prerequisites: (WRTG A211 or WRTG A212 or WRTG A213 or WRTG A214) and (PS A102 or SOC A101).

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

SOC A361 Social Science Research Methods 3 Credits

Provides a firm grounding in rigorous and ethical social science research. Examines various social science research methods, including surveys, experiments, content analyses, interviews and focus groups, and explores methodological challenges, such as hypothesis testing, measurement issues and sampling strategies.

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A363 Social Stratification 3 Credits

Overview of social inequality across multiple dimensions such as wealth, power, prestige, race, sex, and class. Describes changing stratification patterns and investigates the causes and consequences of inequality.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A370 Medical Sociology 3 Credits

Provides a historical and contemporary overview of selected social, political, and economic factors that influence the provision of health care in America. Focuses on the relationship between health care and race, sex, social stratification, and geographical location. Brief international comparisons with alternative for-profit and not-for-profit national health care systems.
Special Note: Offered alternate fall semesters.
Crosslisted With: HS A370.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A377 Sociology of Gender 3 Credits

Examines gender as a system of beliefs and practices that create difference between females and males. Analyzes how that difference is created and maintained via social institutions and critiques the outcome of these arrangements.

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A380 Sociology of Globalization 3 Credits

Globalization refers to a variety of political, economic, cultural and social changes which transform the world through increasingly interconnected flows of information, capital, goods, services, labor and culture in dense global networks. This course covers the processes and consequences of globalization through an interdisciplinary framework.

Prerequisites: ANTH A101 with a minimum grade of C or ANTH A202 with a minimum grade of C or GEOG A101 with a minimum grade of C or INTL A101 with a minimum grade of C or SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A402 Social Theory 3 Credits

Historical and contemporary approaches to social theory; analysis of conceptual frameworks applied to the study of society and social interaction.
Registration Restrictions: Junior or senior standing.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A404 Environmental Sociology 3 Credits

Examines how society is organized in ways that either contribute to sustainability or hinder it.

Prerequisites: SOC A101 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A408 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 3 Credits

Present status of ethnic, religious and national minorities and their changing sociological, economic, and political status.
Special Note: Offered spring semesters.

Prerequisites: SOC A101.

SOC A462 Social Science Statistics 4 Credits

Provides a foundation in descriptive and inferential statistics used in social science research. Students identify, calculate and interpret statistics using statistical software.
Special Note: It is recommended that students take an introductory statistics course prior to taking this course.

Prerequisites: SOC A307 with a minimum grade of C or SOC A361 with a minimum grade of C.

SOC A487 Sociology Practicum 3 Credits

Student participates in field research project and/or community action/agency program that applies sociological training toward the amelioration of specific social problems. Student will attend a seminar, class, or individual meeting with the faculty member on a weekly basis and complete six hours in the field on an approved project or program. All students will be expected to participate in the design of the practicum, and to complete a term paper or progress report.
Special Note: May be repeated once for credit.
Registration Restrictions: Faculty permission.

SOC A488 Capstone Seminar 3 Credits

Overview of the discipline emphasizing synthesis of theory and research, critical reflection and evaluation, and recent developments in sociology with social action. Particular emphasis will be given to the integration of sociology with other social sciences.
Registration Restrictions: Completion of GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses and senior standing.

Prerequisites: (PS A361 with a minimum grade of C or SOC A361 with a minimum grade of C) and SOC A402 with a minimum grade of C.

Attributes: UAA Integrative Capstone GER.

SOC A490 Special Topics in Sociology 1-4 Credits

An intensive and detailed study of a topic in contemporary sociology in a seminar format.
Special Note: May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits with a change of subtitle.
Registration Restrictions: Junior or senior standing

Prerequisites: SOC A101.