ED: Reading & Literacy (EDRL)


EDRL A671 Language, Reading, and Culture 3 Credits

Examines the relationships between theory and practice as it relates to language and literacy development. Emphasis on community resources, as well as a focus on the role of bilingualism, multiculturalism, and multimodal forms of literacies will be foregrounded. Pedagogical implications related to culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining practices will be examined. This course will also provide an introduction to ethnographic models for research, and qualitative methods for collecting data. Emphasis will be placed on candidates developing the skills and dispositions to become researchers of culture, language, and literacy in their own communities.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and departmental approval

EDRL A674 Foundational Theories of Language and Literacy Development 3 Credits

Explores the historical and theoretical lenses that have informed perspectives on literacy and bi/multiliteracy learning and practices. Content includes foundational theories of reading and language development (first and subsequent languages), how they emerged in relation to one another throughout history, and research on language, cognition and language systems, as they relate to literacy development. The course will emphasize connections between theory and practice, and how theoretical stances inform how we design learning experiences and contexts.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and departmental approval

EDRL A675 Language and Literacy Methods 3 Credits

Examines how children learn language and become literate in their first and subsequent languages. Focuses on the development and assessment of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for all students, including English language learners. Explores implications of culturally sustaining pedagogy on academic literacy practices.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate Standing and departmental approval

Prerequisites: EDFN A674 with a minimum grade of C.

EDRL A679 Language and Reading in the Content Areas 3 Credits

Focuses on the development of knowledge of academic language and reading in the disciplines for P-12 teachers. The course will emphasize the interrelated processes of writing, reading, listening, and speaking and will examine the ways in which educators can build routines to support social climate, students’ identity development, extensive use of cognitive strategies, and culturally sustaining approaches to knowledge building across the disciplines.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and departmental approval

EDRL A680 Instruction and Assessment 6 Credits

Focuses on effective methods of supporting P-12 students’ growth in reading, writing, and discussion. Develops effective practices for a broad range of students, including English learners and those with specific needs. Topics include: motivation, reading comprehension, word identification, vocabulary development, reading process and writing process. The Alaska Content Standards in English Language Arts and the assessment of reading and writing skills and student proficiencies are central to this course.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and departmental approval

Prerequisites: EDFN A675 with a minimum grade of C.