Civic Engagement & Learning (CEL)


CEL A292 Introduction to Civic Engagement 3 Credits

Introduces students to types of civic engagement in a democracy, practices of engagement and inquiry, and public issues of ethics, sustainability, community-building, and human and civil rights through readings, reflections and a service-learning placement or project.
Special Note: This course is an active discussion seminar and serves as a social sciences GER.

Attributes: UAA Diversity & Inclusion GER, UAA Social Sciences GER.

CEL A390 Special Topics in Civic Engagement 1-3 Credits

Variable topics course addressing current issues in civic engagement, a field of study which prepares students to be active, effective, and ethical citizens in their professional and personal lives. Topics of local, national, and international interest will be included.
Special Note: May be repeated for credit with a change of subtitle up to a maximum of 9 credits.
Registration Restrictions: Completion of GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses.

CEL A392 Civic Engagement: Learning by Giving 3 Credits

Applies learning about the history and practice of philanthropy with an overview of the non-profit sector and current issues and trends across the state and municipality. Students review and critique local grant proposals and award grant funds provided by local and national private benefactors to fulfill their proposals.
Registration Restrictions: Junior or senior standing or instructor permission

CEL A395 Civic Engagement Internship 3-9 Credits

Internship in which student gains intensive experience applying principles of civic engagement and major-disciplinary knowledge and skills to a community-identified problem.
Special Note: Students complete approximately 135 hours, usually in a community non-profit or government agency.
Registration Restrictions: Junior or senior standing and completion of GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses and instructor approval.