Medical Doctor

WWAMI School of Medical Education
Health Sciences Building (HSB), Room 301, (907) 786-4789

The WWAMI School of Medical Education is a partnership between the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Washington School of Medicine resulting in the degree of Medical Doctor (MD).

Each year, Alaskan residents who meet Eligibility criteria begin their medical education in a collaborative medical school that operates among the campuses of five northwestern states -- Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI). Alaska’s WWAMI medical students take classes at UAA for the foundations phase which covers foundational basic sciences and an early introduction to clinical experience. The clinical phase consists of a Patient Care Phase with core clerkships and an Explore and Focus phase both of which can be completed at a variety of sites across any of the five states. An Alaska track allows nearly all of these to be completed in Alaska. A minimum of 12 weeks must be spent in Seattle. For more information visit WWAMI School of Medical Education website.


This program is open to Alaska residents who meet the Alaska eligibility requirements. Applicants must meet common requirements established by University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM).

Pre Medical advising is strongly recommended to ensure all prerequisites are met.


Applications are accepted through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). WWAMI applications are submitted to the UWSOM. All applications received by UWSOM from Alaska residents will be considered for the WWAMI program in Alaska. Complete application information, including details about the selection procedure, can be found on the UWMedicine website.

Core Faculty

Toni Biskup, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Andrea Caballero, MD, Term Assistant
Robert Church, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Jason Dashow, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Robert Furilla, PhD, Term
Tania Hall, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Timothy Hinterberger, PhD,
Lilian Ho, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Peter Hulman, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Allison Kelliher, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Cindy Knall, PhD,
Jocelyn Krebs, PhD,
Max Kullberg, PhD, Associate
Tanya Leinicke, MD, Term Associate
Megan LeMasters, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, 
Holly Martinson, PhD, Associate
Brian McMahon, MD, Affiliate Professor
Dan Mindlin, MD, Associate
Sarah Murphy, MD, Associate
Carol Paredes, MD, Term Assistant
Megan Ritter, MD, Associate Director and Term
Laura Schroder, PhD, Term Assistant
Jean Snyder, MD, Term Assistant
Molly Southworth, MD, Affiliate
Ian Van Tets, PhD, Associate
Kenneth Thomas, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Shannon Uffenbeck, PhD, Term Assistant
Natalie Velasquez, MD, Adjunct Assistant
Lex VonHafften, MD, Adjunct Associate
Julie Wilson, MD, Adjunct Associate
Gerry York, MD, Affiliate Assistant
Kathy Young, MD, Director and Term Assistant