International Studies (INTL)


INTL A101 Local Places/Global Regions: An Introduction to Geography 3 Credits

Explores cultural, social, political, and environmental diversity in an international context. Focus on key global issues, current events, and geographic approaches to understanding world problems.
Crosslisted With: GEOG A101.

Attributes: UAA Diversity & Inclusion GER, UAA Social Sciences GER.

INTL A325 Northeast Asia in 21st Century 3 Credits

An interdisciplinary examination and analysis of Northeast Asia covering China, the Koreas, and Japan designed to provide students with the means to understand how the societies of this region have developed separate and distinct identities despite their common cultural and philosophic roots.
Registration Restrictions: Completion of GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses.
Crosslisted With: HIST A325 and PS A325

Attributes: UAA Diversity & Inclusion GER, UAA Integrative Capstone GER.