Board of Regents

Office of Regents’ Affairs

Brandi Berg, Executive Officer
University of Alaska
202 Butrovich Building
P.O. Box 755300
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-5300

The Regents of the University of Alaska are appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature. The Board was established by the Alaska Constitution and is responsbile for University of Alaska policy and management through the University President.

Board of Regents Members

Dale Anderson, Regent, Juneau (2012-2029)

Tuckerman Babcock, Regent, Anchorage (2023-2031)

Joey Crum, Regent, Wasilla (2023-2031)

Paula Harrison, Regent, Anchorage (2023-2031)

Mary K. Hughes, Regent, Anchorage (2002-2025)

J. Scott Jepsen, Regent, Anchorage (2021-2031)

Dennis L. Michel, Regent, Fairbanks (2023-2027)

Karen Perdue, Regent, Fairbanks (2017-2025)

Ralph Seekins, Regent, Fairbanks (2021-2029)

Albiona Selimi, Student Regent (2023-2025)