Liberal Studies Social Science (LSSS)


LSSS A111 Cultural Foundations of Human Behavior 3 Credits

Addresses culture as a concept and phenomenon, including its origins, variety, utility, subtlety and complexity, issues of identity, and cultural aspects of human lives from various social science perspectives.

Attributes: UAA Social Sciences GER.

LSSS A311 People, Places, and Ecosystems 3 Credits

Examines historical and current relationships between humans and their surrounding environments, both natural and constructed. Considers the coevolution of human societies and the biosphere, the idea of place, and the challenges of living in today's human-dominated ecosystems. Uses workshops and short field trips to collect and examine data about human-environment relationships from several social science perspectives. Requires extensive writing and multidisciplinary analysis.

Prerequisites: STAT A252 and LSSS A111 and (LSIS A201 or BIOL A102).