Medical Assisting (MA)


MA A101 Medical Terminology 3 Credits

Introduces root forms, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations and acronyms of common medical terms by body systems. Emphasis is placed on spelling and pronunciation of words used to describe anatomy and physiology, diseases, diagnostic and laboratory tests, and treatment with opportunities to connect to real-world clinical settings.

MA A104 Essentials of Human Disease 3 Credits

Provides a systematic approach to identify major diseases and clinical disorders with an emphasis on signs and symptoms, etiology, diagnosis and treatment within each body system and their impact on other organ systems.

Prerequisites: MA A101 with a minimum grade of C.

MA A120 Administrative Procedures 4 Credits

Outlines the administrative duties from concept to practice for a patient-focused, efficiently run office. Emphasizes professionalism. Topics include medical law and ethics, record management, practice finances, and a variety of patient interactions common to a clinical practice.

MA A220 Coding for the Medical Office 3 Credits

Examines procedural and diagnostic coding in the ambulatory health care setting. Includes principles of medical coding, conventions and guidelines, importance of accuracy in coding, and an understanding of legal and ethical issues. Emphasis on application of knowledge demonstrated through performance of procedural and diagnostic coding activities.

Prerequisites: MA A101 with a minimum grade of C and (BIOL A100 with a minimum grade of C or (BIOL A111 with a minimum grade of C and BIOL A112 with a minimum grade of C)).

MA A235 Medical Insurance, Billing and Healthcare Documentation 3 Credits

Examines healthcare reimbursement practices, including the fundamentals of medical billing and insurance claims. Includes instruction and practice in healthcare documentation practices, health literacy concepts, electronic health records (EHR) and medical scribe information.

Prerequisites: MA A220 with a minimum grade of C.

MA A250 Clinical Procedures I 4 Credits

Introduces clinical duties from concept to practice competencies performed by medical assistants in outpatient facilities. Includes asepsis, infection control, maintenance of the exam room and medical equipment, vital signs, assisting with routine patient care and patient teaching.
Registration Restrictions: Admission to the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting

MA A255 Clinical Procedures II 4 Credits

Continues review of clinical duties from concept to practice competencies performed by medical assistants in outpatient facilities. Includes assisting with minor office surgery, dosage calculation and medication administration, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-waived laboratory testing, venipuncture, and cardiopulmonary procedures.

Prerequisites: MA A250 with a minimum grade of C.

MA A295 Medical Assisting Practicum 5 Credits

Provides 240 hours of uncompensated, supervised work in an ambulatory medical clinic office setting. Students will observe, assist and complete entry-level administrative duties and clinical procedures to apply and perform psychomotor, affective and cognitive competencies as final preparation for employment. Learning is enhanced by discussions, assignments and evaluation tools.
Special Note: A grade of C or better in all courses required for the nontranscripted departmental Certificate of Completion in Medical Assisting.

Prerequisites: MA A120 with a minimum grade of C and MA A255 with a minimum grade of C.

MA A320 Advanced Case Studies in Medical Coding 2 Credits

Presents in-depth practice with procedural and diagnostic coding as it applies to the ambulatory care setting through the analysis of case studies. Strengthens and improves coding skills by comprehensively coding both diagnoses and procedures for the same medical record.

Prerequisites: MA A220.