Student Freedoms, Rights and Responsibilities

UAA encourages people of all ages to develop their skills and talents according to their individual abilities and interests so that, collectively, they contribute to the continuum of democracy. University policies, procedures and regulations are formulated to guarantee each student’s freedom to learn and to protect the rights of others.

The concept of rights and freedoms, no matter how basic or widely accepted, carries with it corresponding responsibilities. Students, as well as other members of the university community, enjoy the same constitutional and civil rights guaranteed all citizens. At the same time, they are subject to the laws of the nation, the state of Alaska and the local community. All members of the university community have a responsibility to protect and maintain an academic climate in which the freedom to learn can be enjoyed by all. To this end, certain basic regulations and policies have been developed to govern the behavior of students as members of the university community.

Students are responsible for knowing UAA policies, procedures, and deadlines which pertain to them. A summary of academic policies, regulations, and deadlines pertaining to students is located in the UAA Catalog. A broader summary of policies and regulations pertaining to students is in the UAA Student Handbook, which also contains descriptions of students' freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Students may also obtain a copy of University of Alaska Board of Regents’ Policies and University Regulations.