University Studies (UNIV)


UNIV A110 Career Exploration 1 Credit

Examines a wide range of career opportunities for students. Provides a framework for exploring and discovering interests and skills, to help them better answer the question, "What do I want to do with my life?". Provides tools and resources for making both academic and career decisions that incorporate their individual needs.

UNIV A120 Online Success 2 Credits

Covers the basics of online learning strategies, what to expect in online classes, how to succeed in an online environment, and how to navigate a range of online platforms regularly utilized in higher education.

UNIV A150 Strategies for College Success 3 Credits

Welcomes and introduces students to college and university study at UAA. The course enhances habits of mind and strategies for college success, introduces students to available academic and campus resources, and guides them to develop academic and professional plans. Through the course, students will gain ownership of their educational experience while also being integrated into the UAA community.

UNIV A190 Selected Topics in University Studies 1-3 Credits

Introduces topics related to student success and designed to support progress toward completion of academic goals.
Special Note: May be repeated for credit with a change of subtitle for a maximum of 6 credits.