General Interest/Non-Degree-Seeking Applications

Students who wish to take classes for general interest or personal/professional development but do not wish to earn a certificate or degree may gain registration access by completing a non-degree-seeking application. 

Non-degree-seeking students may take courses for which they have the prerequisite skills and experience. They are not required to submit transcripts or test scores for admission but may need to provide proof of meeting placement requirements and course prerequisites. Students who wish to register for graduate courses may be required to obtain a department chair’s or faculty member’s signature and are strongly advised to contact the department at the earliest opportunity.

International students who will need a Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1) Student Status must be admitted as degree-seeking students. Those with certain other types of visas, including J-1, B-1 or B-2 visitor visas, F-2 visas, and those on the visa waiver program, can be admitted as non-degree-seeking and enroll in a limited number of credits. Contact the international student advisor in the Office of Admissions for further details.

Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible to have transfer credits evaluated or applied. Students who wish to get an unofficial estimate of how their credits might transfer may visit the University of Alaska’s Transfer Evaluation System.


To qualify for registration as a non-degree seeking student, an individual must meet one of the following requirements:

Students initially admitted as non-degree-seeking who later decide to pursue a UAA certificate or degree must submit an Application for Admission and all required documents and meet corresponding admission requirements for the certificate or degree program. Admission as a non-degree-seeking student does not guarantee future admission to a certificate or degree program. Credits earned as a non-degree-seeking student may be applied to certificate or degree programs only as specified in admission to individual programs.

Non-degree-seeking students do not qualify for federal or state financial aid.