Community Education (CED)


CED A119 Community Awareness Workshop on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 4 Credits

Introduces Women's Resource and Crisis Center services, domestic violence and sexual assault issues, and basic skills necessary for victim advocacy. Kenai Peninsula College

CED A133 Beginning Fly Fishing 1 Credit

Introduces the basics of fly fishing, including selection of equipment, types of line, flies, and techniques geared toward local lakes and streams.

CED A157 The Art and History of Brewing 1 Credit

Introduces the basic brewing process, the styles of beer, their historical and regional origins, and their presentation and pairing with food. Includes field trips to local breweries.
Registration Restrictions: Must be 21 or older to enroll.

CED A160 Appreciating Opera 1 Credit

Introduces the major eras, composers and styles of opera.

CED A185 Presenting Art Lessons K-12 1 Credit

Provides guidelines and information for artists and community members who want to present art experiences in classroom settings. Includes effective classroom and materials management, and guidance for working with schools and teachers in residency type situations. Participants need prior familiarity with art concepts. This is not an art methods course.