Humanities (HUM)


HUM A211 Introduction to Humanities I 3 Credits

Uses humanities-based methods of inquiry and analysis to interpret art works representative of diverse media, world cultures, and historical eras. Approaches different systems of aesthetic representation through investigations of form, meaning, and values. Places the contributions of individual artists in historical and cultural context.
Registration Restrictions: 3 credits of Fine Arts GER

Prerequisites: WRTG A111.

Attributes: UAA Humanities GER.

HUM A212 Introduction to Humanities II 3 Credits

Uses methods of contemporary humanities-based inquiry to explore major intellectual and aesthetic trends in the world's heritage of arts and ideas. Examines ideas and examples of the arts in the historical and cultural context of their development. Considers how the world's heritage of arts and ideas relates to the aesthetic and intellectual products of a specific world culture or historical era.
Registration Restrictions: 3 credits of Fine Arts GER

Prerequisites: WRTG A211 or WRTG A212 or WRTG A213 or WRTG A214.

Attributes: UAA Humanities GER.

HUM A220 Film as/and Literature 3 Credits

An exploration of what makes good literature and good film, and the relationship between the two genres. Focuses on how literary and cinematic expression differs, and how--or if--the former translates into the latter. Students learn to read novels, plays, and short stories critically and to watch films critically. Two critical essays required; readings are numerous.