Engineering (ENGR)


ENGR A105A Engineering Graphics 1 Credit

Introduces engineering graphics without the use of software. Focuses on hand drawing skills with an emphasis on orthographic projections, isometric views, auxiliary views and sectional views.

ENGR A105B Computer-Aided Graphics 1 Credit

Focuses on the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software as a tool for creating engineering graphics.

Prerequisites: ENGR A105A with a minimum grade of D.

ENGR A151 Introduction to Engineering 1 Credit

Provides an introduction to engineering both as a profession and as a field of study. Introduces students to the roles, responsibilities and capabilities of civil, computer systems, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

ENGR A495 Engineering Internship 1 Credit

Professional work experience designed to provide students with the opportunity to investigate the practical applications of engineering design within engineering organizations. Assignments and projects arranged with cooperating organizations and agencies.
Registration Restrictions: Instructor permission.