College of Business and Public Policy

College of Business and Public Policy

Department of Accounting and Finance
Edward & Cathryn Rasmuson Hall (RH), Room 203 
(907) 786-4100

Department of Economics and Public Policy
Edward & Cathryn Rasmuson Hall (RH), Room 203 
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Department of Management, Marketing, Logistics, and Business Analytics
Edward & Cathryn Rasmuson Hall (RH), Room 203 
(907) 786-4100

CBPP Bachelor of Business Administration Requirements

  • Complete the following courses with a minimum grade of C:
BBA Lower-Division Core
ACCT A201Principles of Financial Accounting3-6
or ACCT A101
Principles of Financial Accounting I
and Principles of Financial Accounting II
ACCT A202Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BA A241Business Law I3
BA A280Managerial Communications3
BADA A110Computer Concepts in Business3
ECON A101Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON A102Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON A227Introductory Statistics for Economics and Business3
MATH A121Applied College Algebra3-4
or MATH A151 College Algebra for Calculus
MATH A221Applied Calculus for Managerial and Social Sciences3-6
or MATH A251 Calculus I
or MATH A251F F.A.T. Calculus I
WRTG A212Writing and the Professions3
Upper-Division Core
ACCT A316Accounting Information Systems 13
or BA A376 Management Information Systems
BA A300Organizational Theory and Behavior3
BA A325Corporate Finance3
BA A343Principles of Marketing3
BA A375Statistics for Business and Economics 23
or BADA A470 Business Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning
or ECON A312 Econometrics for Business and Economics
or ECON A329 Economic and Business Forecasting

Accounting majors must take ACCT A316. All other majors must take BA A376.


Accounting and Finance majors must choose from: BA A375, ECON A312, or ECON A329. Economics majors must take ECON A312. Global Logistics, Management, and Marketing majors must choose from: BA A375, BADA A470ECON A312 or ECON A329. Business and Data Analytics majors must choose BADA A470.

Please contact the CBPP student advising center at or 907-786-4100 for assistance.