Aviation Technology (AT)


AT A053 Preventive Maintenance for Pilots and Owners 1-4 Credits

For pilots/owners to gain knowledge and experience in items of aircraft and engine maintenance that they may legally perform. Beneficial to people who intend to buy airplanes.

AT A272 Aircraft Covering and Finishing 4 Credits

Identification and application of aircraft fabrics and finishing materials. Approximately 80 percent of class time spent in lab. Students inspect, test, and repair aircraft fabrics, install fabric, and apply appropriate finishing materials to aircraft structures, wings, and flight control surfaces.

AT A281 Aviation Maintenance: Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic 3 Credits

Provides advanced work in aviation maintenance records; expands on principles of airframe materials, systems and procedures; and explores powerplant operations and troubleshooting.
Registration Restrictions: Approved FAA Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application FAA Form 8610-2.