Career & Technical Education (CTE)


CTE A611 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Career and Technical Education 3 Credits

Studies history, theory, development, and philosophical foundations of career and technical education. Examines career and technical education, including secondary, postsecondary, and applied programs, along with models of career education including career clusters.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing.

CTE A643 Teaching in Career and Technical Education 3 Credits

Explores teaching strategies, applied research regarding learning, and concept development in Career and Technical Education (CTE). Evaluates content and materials. Examines teaching and learning to facilitate application in the classroom or training situation. Provides fundamentals of standards-based curriculum design and assessment for CTE.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing.

CTE A655 Curriculum and Assessment in Career and Technical Education 3 Credits

Examines principles and procedures in the development of career and technical education curriculum. Studies theory and principles of quality assessment and assessment techniques. Addresses current trends in career and technical education curriculum and assessment, including programs of study and third party assessment.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing.

CTE A695C Advanced Professional Experiences 1-6 Credits

Provides academic rigor to internships, externships, and other structured professional development activities in career and technical education. Course applies to all aspects of industry and support students' professional objectives.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and faculty permission.

CTE A698 Individual Research 1-6 Credits

Facilitates the development of a research paper/project and presentation jointly approved by the student's graduate committee and the student. Supports research that coincides with the student's professional objectives.
Registration Restrictions: Graduate standing and advisor permission. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in research courses by advisement.