Disability & Long-Term Support (DLS)


DLS A200 Introduction to Children's Behavioral Health 3 Credits

Covers ethics and ethical practices, self-care, confidentiality, mandatory reporting, overview of child and adolescent development, building and maintaining therapeutic relationships, boundaries, culturally responsive interventions, resiliency, communication, and additional behavioral health topics impacting treatment outcomes for children and adolescents.
Crosslisted With: HUMS A200

DLS A205 Teaching Social Skills to Youth in Children's Behavioral Health 3 Credits

Promotes an understanding and application of learning theory to communication strategies, teaching methods and crisis prevention interventions.
Crosslisted With: HUMS A205

DLS A206 Positive Behavioral Supports in Children's Behavioral Health 3 Credits

Extends knowledge of learning theory to functional behavior assessments of problem behaviors and appropriate interventions in children (age 0-18). Examines how to develop behavior support plans using non-aversive interventions for challenging and problematic behaviors with children.
Crosslisted With: HUMS A206