Minor in Neuroscience

Students who wish to minor in neuroscience must complete the following requirements:

PSY A370Behavioral Neuroscience3
Complete one of the following:3
Behavioral Endocrinology 1
Neurophysiology 1
Complete 12 credits from the following: 212
Biological Anthropology
Human Factors in Aviation
Aerospace Physiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Principles of Genetics
Principles of Animal Physiology
Experiential Learning: Animal Physiology
Behavioral Endocrinology 1
Neurophysiology 1
Human Genome
Individual Research 3
Principles of Biochemistry I
Principles of Biochemistry II
Individual Research 3
Movement Theory and Motor Development
Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Health and Physical Activity
Microbial Biology
Mind and Machines
Motivation and Emotion
Abnormal Psychology
Sensation and Perception
Cognitive Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Learning and Behavior
Learning and Behavior Laboratory
Individual Research 3

A minimum of 18 credits is required for the minor, of which 6 must be upper-division.