Aviation Technology

Aviation Technology Complex (AVNC), 2811 Merrill Field Drive, Anchorage, AK 99501, (907) 786-7200

The Aviation Technology Division (ATD) is a component of the University of Alaska Anchorage Community & Technical College and is located at the Aviation Technology Complex on Merrill Field Airport, approximately two miles north of the UAA main campus. The mission of the ATD is to enhance, promote and provide quality aviation education, research and service worldwide. Individuals employed in the aviation industry desiring to update skills and knowledge may take selected courses; these individuals must contact the ATD office about prerequisites and other lab or course requirements. The ATD supplies graduates for skilled and professional aviation-related positions through four academic programs of study:

The Air Traffic Control (ATC) program provides enhanced career opportunities for graduates, preparing students for careers in air traffic in both the private and public sectors. It is one of 36 ATC programs in colleges and universities nationwide approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as a participant in the Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI).

The Aviation Administration/Management program prepares students for various administration and management positions within the aviation industry. The AAS degree in Aviation Administration provides an introduction to administrative duties and requirements as well as the skills necessary to provide entry-level administrative support, while the BSAT with the Aviation Management emphasis is designed to prepare graduates for management positions in all aspects of the aviation industry. Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the interrelatedness of all elements of the air transportation system, as well as skill sets and competencies to enter and succeed in managing the unique operational and management requirements of airlines, airports, and general aviation support operations.

The Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program is approved under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 147 and is a nationally recognized course of study designed to prepare graduates for entry into positions as maintenance technicians in general aviation, corporate aviation, airlines, or aerospace manufacturers. In addition to traditional aircraft maintenance courses, the curriculum emphasizes modern aircraft systems including electronics, composite structures, automatic controls and turbine engines.

The ATD offers two Aviation Maintenance Undergraduate Certificates, one with an Airframe and the other with a Powerplant emphasis. The FAA approved AMT undergraduate certificate programs provide all of the required content to prepare students to achieve FAA certification as Aircraft Mechanics with Airframe and/or Powerplant ratings. Upon completion of the UAA undergraduate certificate programs, students may take written, oral and practical tests that are administered by FAA designees. Those who achieve passing scores on these tests are awarded the Aircraft Mechanic Certificate with appropriate rating(s) by the FAA.

After earning either undergraduate certificate, additional study allows a student to earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology.

The Professional Piloting program prepares graduates for piloting careers in professional aviation. The Aviation Technology Division offers both associate (AAS Professional Piloting) and bachelor’s (BSAT, with Professional Piloting emphasis) degrees. The UAA professional pilot training program is certificated by the FAA under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Both ground and airborne flight training are provided utilizing FAA approved curricula. UAA has fully-equipped flight training airplanes, advanced aircrew training devices (AATD) and a level B flight simulator to enhance the educational experience of the students. The FAA has authorized UAA to certify its professional piloting graduates as eligible for an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with reduced aeronautical experience.

The Aviation Minor allows those students pursuing degrees other than aviation the opportunity to minor in Aviation Technology.


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