Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Building (ENGR), Room 201, (907) 786-1900

Graduate study in mechanical engineering prepares students for work that requires a greater degree of autonomy and mastery. A master's degree in mechanical engineering implies not only an enhanced level of understanding of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, but also a skill set that includes original thinking and an ability to apply advanced concepts of mechanical engineering to problem solving.

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) has a thesis and a non-thesis option. The thesis option includes a focus on skills related to the acquisition of new knowledge and is designed for students who wish to pursue research-oriented occupations or to eventually pursue a PhD degree, as well as to prepare for advanced professional engineering practice. The non-thesis option is designed for students who wish to further emphasize engineering practice and prefer to substitute additional classroom education and a comprehensive written exam or a project and comprehensive oral exam for graduate research experience.

Program Objectives

The UAA mechanical engineering graduate program objectives are to provide graduates with:

  1. Graduate-level technical knowledge within mechanical engineering.
  2. An ability to conceive and conduct graduate-level engineering research and problem solving.
  3. An ability to effectively communicate graduate-level engineering concepts and applications.

Fast Track MSME Option

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers the Fast Track MSME Option to current UAA Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) students interested in pursuing an MSME degree. Students admitted to the Fast Track MSME Option are allowed to count up to nine (9) credits of coursework towards both the BSME and MSME Graduation Requirements, the equivalent of one (1) semester of full-time graduate student enrollment. Students should be admitted to the Fast Track MSME Option and establish an approved Graduate Study Plan (GSP) before the first semester of the BSME Program senior year and before Fast Track MSME Option coursework commences.  Students will be granted a BSME degree upon completion of the BSME Graduation Requirements and an MSME degree upon completion of the MSME Graduation Requirements.

Program of Study

Master of Science